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Yes, Peepee can!

After a long time thinking about creating a new blog I finally decided to do it. I hope that this site allows us both to grow as game developers. I hope I could find new things to learn, new things to talk about and new things to help you with. And of course suggestions are wide open, just let me know what do you guys want to read about.

For the first post on the blog I would like to talk about ‘Yes, Peepee can!’ the last game I have been working on (on my free-time). This game was made for a game jam and I was part of a wonderful team, where I took the role of a game designer but ended with a little bit of coding too.

First of all, let me tell you those are wonderful buddies for a game jam. We even won the first price on that jam, so it was a really good experience.

Now, coming back to the game itself. ‘Yes, Peepee can!’ is a party game where players must fight in differents game modes (free pee-for-all or team-based) in order to be the team with the most percentage of the map being controlled. And every player can control the zone by making pee on it. The game has 4 differents characters, each one of them with different capabilities. So the key for winning is teaming up with your partner (if you have one) and take out the most pee of your character.

This was the state in wich the game was at the end of the jam. But I am currently working from time to time for making it an online game for mobile devices (or at least a good prototype of it). Wich I think is a good idea for a party game like that.

So I hope I will be posting about ‘Yes, Peepee can!’ for quite a bit.


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